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Silver charm links, gold charms, patterned charmlinks, beautiful link bracelets, stunning pendant charm links and necklaces in this stunning collection of the finest charm links available. Design and personalize your own link charm necklaces from our selected range of charms and charm bracelets to create and personalize your own designer jewellery collection. This handmade collection includes solid sterling silver charms with a variety decorated in 14 ct gold, stone or glass or cut in 14 ct. gold plated.

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CB Charmlinks has one of the widest selection of charms for bracelets online in the UK. These include a selection of gold and silver charmlinks that will fit a variety of links bracelets and the selection of jewellery charms available is huge. We have a beautiful range of sterling silver bracelets, white gold bracelet and charms for bracelets available to purchase online with a variety of options for delivery. Our links bracelet and sterling silver charms collection allows you to develop and customize your own jewellery collection so that any combination of charm links can be combined to match any outfit.

The flexibility of the collection is just one of the key selling points behind the popularity of the range. You can develop a collection starting with just one gold charms for bracelets and a charm links gift set and grow it continuously by adding links as and when you like. This will allow you to develop a range of styles and colours that will provide a degree of flexibility in your jewellery collection that was previously impossible. By having a range of colors and styles for your silver charm bracelets, you can mix and match to compliment or contrast against any choice of dress or outfit.

Our bracelets are also a brilliant way to collect jewellery that is timeless and allows you to value the collection as sale prices and costs are always consistent. A collection of jewellery should always be primarily to serve a purpose and in this role, our charm bracelet and necklace range will always deliver. The designs and construction are standardized such that the links will always fit any corresponding charm bracelets from within the same range. The ability to fix each link at a specific position within a charms bracelet also means that you can wear the jewellery according to your own preferences. This could mean a loose hanging bangle or a tight link bracelet that is chosen to match your own look and outfit or even to provide a contrast against colours and design.

If you want to buy a sterling silver charm, this isn’t just a gift or present for an occasion such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday, it represents your feelings for a friend, loved one, wife, mother or daughter and your choice of design for your chosen charms reflects this. Our selection includes the fantastically popular enamel, silver bracelet and gold heart charms and gold bracelet charms. Each design is different and unique and you can always find something that reflects your individual and personal feelings for a loved one! If you are buying a gift and you want to start your friend, wife, mother or daughter with the beginnings of a collection, you will need to buy a silver link bracelet to start them off. We have a selection of sterling silver charms bracelets in varying different sizes to suit all budgets and one of the benefits of our range is that the prices for each individual silver charms for bracelets are not budget busting and therein lies one of the fantastic benefits of starting a charmlinks collection.

Our necklace collection has something to offer everyone. We have a standard delivery service anywhere in the UK where your order will arrive within 3 days of the order being received. We also offer a special delivery service for any of our charms range that costs just £5 per order and if your order is placed before 2pm, this will be dispatched and should arrive with you by the next day. We only use the Royal Mail delivery service for our special deliveries and all orders are fully insured. If you are interested in any custom charms, please do not hesitate to contact us.

CB Charmlinks also has a range of alternative jewellery online for you to purchase. The Love Links brand is synonymous with quality charms and we are proud to have one of the largest online collections available in the UK. You can get in touch with us to ask about either of these charm brands.